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TechTarget Article on Miami University’s COVID-19 Remote Learning Response and Tableau

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In the June 4, 2020 TechTarget article, Student engagement data helps educators with remote learning, Miami University of Ohio describes their three-hour transition from in-person to online course delivery prompted by the initial wave COVID-19 infections in March. Success hinged on both pivoting classroom-based content and providing new methods of analytical insight to internal and external stakeholders. Tableau is noted as part of Miami’s solution.

As experienced by other institutions maneuvering through the crisis, converting to remote course delivery was just one part of the challenge for Miami. Behind the scenes, Miami focused on monitoring student success and ensuring they would meet federal and accreditation standards for remote coursework, which is assessed and documented differently than in-person models.

Meeting these challenges from a technical perspective required the flexibility to connect disparate data sources and to offer new levels visibility for faculty and university leadership into the data. For example, data from Canvas LMS might need to be joined with Student Information System data or student impact survey data in ways never previously attempted.

With their data organized, Miami used Tableau to share reports and visualizations with administrators and faculty. In some cases, these visualizations provided insights to leadership not previously possible.

Miami sees longer-term value in what they’ve learned and created responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Applications for reporting student engagement and success measures could provide ongoing benefit in a return to in-person course delivery. Institutional leaders may expect the depth of insight accessible via Tableau dashboards into the aggregate whole and individual students are built in to a return toward normalcy.

You can read the full article on Miami University’s experience here.

A special kudos to Jeffrey Toaddy, Senior Business Process Analyst at Miami for being featured in the article!

Dan Bradley is a Principal Solution Engineer for Tableau’s Higher Education Field Education Team. Based in Chicago, he works with higher education institutions in the Central and mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. In addition to technology, Dan has a background in education administration, including an M.S. in Higher Education Administration and Policy. Dan's mission is to help the people of higher education become data-reflective practitioners who can see, understand, and act on their data. *Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer*

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